Posted by: stphotosociety | January 13, 2011

Instagram App for the iPhone

$20 Million, and a Million Downloads

Imagine building an iPhone application, and having over a million downloads within three months. Well, that’s what the makers of photo-sharing application Instagram are enjoying. The application has a simple approach: using the device camera and GPS capability, users take a photo and post it to the Web (with geotags) in a few clicks.

The photo page simply shows the image, along with a pitch for the viewer to download the app.

What makes it powerful is that you can use one of 11 filters to give your image a different feel; furthermore, you’re able to follow friends’ photo streams within the app. Think of it as a visual version of Twitter, where 140 characters are replaced by a single image.

It’s doing great business too. In its second month, it managed to raise $20 million for an application being given away, with no built-in advertising or monetization streams.

Where will Instagram go? We’ll have to keep an eye on it. Meanwhile, try the app and take some pictures yourself!


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